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violation of terms and conditions

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yesterday i placed a bet on jokic to have under 32.5 pts+rbd+ass in 1xbit terms and conditions it clearly state the following (section 9.4.1) :The bookmaker accepts bets:on regular time (the time of play may be 48 minutes consisting of four quarters of 12 minutes each or 40 minutes consisting of four quarters of 10 minutes each; NCAA – two halves of 20 minutes each);on regular time including overtime (labeled “Including Overtime”)this clearly means that bets that include overtime must have the words "including overtime" appear in their description the bet "additional totals pts+rebounds+assists" doesn't include the words "including overtime" therefore making the bet stand only for regular time.In regular time jokic scored a total of 30 points + rebounds + assist therefore setting the outcome of my bet to a win but off course it was set to a loss bby 1xbit.when i presented my claims to 1xbit and demanded they send me the exact section where it states that the bet "additional totals pts+rebounds+assists" does include overtime these are the answers i got:1.Dear Customer,our specialists have checked the information. The bet is calculated correctly as the bets on statistics are determined based on the results including overtime. 2.Dear Customer,Bets on Stats include OT unless stated otherwise. The market Points + Rebounds + Assists is always calculated including overtime.3.Dear Customer,Your request has been transferred to our specialists and your request has been reviewed in full with all of the evidence you provided us with. Unfortunately, the specialists concluded that the bet slip has been calculated as a loss for the reason mentioned in the previous messages. This decision is final and will not be changed, unfortunately. You have been provided with all of the available information regarding your request.after receiving those answers i tried to be nice and told them that they have presented me with misleading information and that i would never place the bet if i had known it includes overtime therefore i asked them to void the bet and refund the stake only still got the same shameful answers of them violating their terms and conditions in conclusion would stay away from the set as they are truly dishonest beware of them
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09 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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