ICOrating specializes in evaluating companies with a planned ICO. ICOrating's analysis is
thorough and objective, reviewing companies as potential investment objects.

ICORating is almost a year old. In this year our experts have gained a huge amount of unique experience analyzing projects planning their ICOs. We accurately monitor and inspect trends in business models, products and technologies of startups at their fundraising stage. We follow market dynamics and investors’ behavior in great detail, allowing us to provide a unique professional service.

For projects:

ICORating offers the following services for projects that are getting ready to run an ICO and investors who consider the idea of investing in blockchain startups.

  • Audit — a comprehensive analysis of the project that is going to run the ICO for weaknesses that may hurt the chances of successful investment raising. The goal is to eliminate the project shortcomings in order to increase the amount of investment raised;
  • Rating review — an independent opinion of ICORating experts on the investment attractiveness of the project. The goal is to attract new investors through demonstration of openness and the third-party professional confirmation of the reliability and promising outlook of the project;
  • Project audit upon the ICO completion — fundraising for the project creation is just the first step in the product building and implementation of the business plan declared to investors. It is equally important to provide investors and the entire community with independent and objective information about the development of the project in the future, which would demonstrate the openness and transparency of the startup. Later, this step will facilitate raising additional funding and establishing relations with partners. The goal is to build trust in the project and gain positive reputation in the long term.

In more detail:


A comprehensive analysis of the project that is going to run the ICO for weaknesses that may hurt the chances of successful investment raising. The audit allows to obtain an objective professional opinion on the project, which will allow to identify shortcomings that may hinder the successful implementation of the tasks declared by the team and, as a consequence, fail to satisfy investors’ expectations.

Shortcomings can be identified by potential investors or the blockchain community in the course of the ICO, which will have an adverse effect on the team reputation and hurt the chances of successful fundraising. In addition, this can lead to a public loss of reputation of the project founders.

To avoid such problems, the ICORating team analyzes the project for shortcomings and provides recommendations on how to solve them (if such an opportunity is objectively available).

Rating review

The rating review is an independent opinion of the ICORating experts on the investment attractiveness of the project. The project is analyzed similarly to the audit.

The project is assigned a rating of investment attractiveness based on the results of the compilation of the Rating review. The Rating review also describes all the strengths and weaknesses of the project.

The rating review allows to convince investors of the openness and commitment of the project founders and their ability to fulfill their obligations.

Publication of the rating review of the project can significantly help the project in attracting users, because it allows them to closer familiarize with the company and the product. Besides, users prefer an independent analytical opinion to paid articles in the media.

Project audit upon the ICO completion

Audit support for projects that are running the ICO has a number of unique and specific differences from traditional businesses. This is due to the fact that a significant part of financial flows, the service (product) functioning and the business plan for the project development are built on the blockchain technology and the features of the cryptocurrency functioning.

Our specialists offer comprehensive audit support for blockchain projects, which consists of the following:

  • analysis of the financial position of the project
  • dynamics of the product creation
  • analysis of the market position of the project
  • competitive position of the project against other players
  • calculation of dynamics of payback and reaching profitability
  • forecasting the profit level of the project
  • collecting information about the brand power

Audit support is provided on the basis of information disclosed by the project and the independent market research. We provide the community with independent reports on the status of the project, backed by relevant analytical and mathematical findings.

For investors:

Independent opinion on the startup for investment attractiveness for investors. This analysis includes the analysis of the following areas:

  • opinion on the financial and business model for its sustainability and ability to generate profit
  • opinion on the objective validity of the project development plan (roadmap analysis)
  • analysis of the competitive environment
  • review of the competitive advantages of the project
  • analysis of the dynamics of the market segment the project enters
  • analysis of the project team
  • analysis of MVP, product code or its fragments

Following the results of the analysis, the investor is provided with a detailed expert report on the project with a description of all risks and prospects for the startup development.

Support of the investment transaction at all the stages is available upon individual request.

For all questions, please contact info@icorating.com.